Ladies League Tee Times For JULY 2, 2024

GAME is OH CANADA, so please wear RED and WHITE


0940 – Nancy P MacDonald (cart), Nancy Lewis (cart), Micheline Lalonde, Christine Cheney (cart back 9)

0950 – Danielle St Jean (cart), Ella HIllier, Joyce Friesen (cart), Sheilagh Manuel

1000 – Beth Kavabnagh, Janet Gerritsen, Lynn Bennett

1010 – Carol Rodgers (cart), Gayle Johnson (cart), Pam Ayearst, Cathy Fobert

1020 – Rose Hulme, Sheila Chiarandini (cart), Cathy Ashton (cart), Shiela Napier

1030 – Harolyn Shewfelt (cart), (Trish Dwyer, Brenda Carrick Match) CTP

Flight A – #11

Flight B – #2

Flight C – #8


1040 – Cathy Tackaberry, Louise Sweet, Bev Balenko

1050 – Jo Sheehan, Elaine Jackson, Lisa Rhiness, Nancy Guy (cart)

1100 – Dora Burke (cart), Patricia Macmillan, Carol French, Diane Berlet

CTP on 2nd shot #4

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